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CONQUEST Review Scale

Each game is reviewed in five different categories, these being Visuals, Sound, Gameplay, Game Design / Innovation & Story. These five areas are each given a rating out of 10. CONQUEST uses the 100-point scale, meaning these five category ratings are then added together and doubled to give a score out of 100 which is then put as a decimal so the scale appears as 0-10.


  • Visuals – Speaks for itself how easy on the eye is the game, can you see every blade of grass swaying with the wind, or just flat textures? Does the art-style fit the setting and genre? How are the visuals in relation to the current standard?
  • Sound – Immersion is key and sound is the main factor in delivering an immersive experience. Does the background music change with each setting, is it emotive? Is the voice acting delivered expertly, the voice fitting the character and expression?
  • Gameplay – What gameplay features are there? Are the controls easy to use and fun to execute? How well are you able to do what you are supposed to do?
  • Story – Are there deep meaningful characters? Does the over-arching story enthral you? Is the narrative easy to get along with?
  • Game Design / Innovation – Is the user interface easy to navigate? Has there been any technical innovations? Does the game have plenty of content that keeps you coming back for more?




  • 0-0.9 – What the deuce? (Simply a broken game that underperforms in 99% of areas.)
  • 1-1.9 – Shit the Bed! (Quite literally shit the bed)
  • 2-2.9 – Trainwreck (They fluffed it, somebody dropped the ball, design team had a hangover, producer was out that day)
  • 3-3.9 – Terrible (Avoid at all costs)
  • 4-4.9 – Bad (Not worth it, underperforms)
  • 5-5.9 – Bargain Bin (See it discounted heavily? Give it a go!)
  • 6-6.9 – Average (Has some positive defining moments but also some letdown’s)
  • 7-7.9 – Good (Enjoyable and worth the time)
  • 8-8.9 – Great (Worth the money)
  • 9-9.9 – Excellence (A game you can’t afford to miss.)
  • 10 – PERFECT CONQUEST (The perfect game which is the ultimate CONQUEST)
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